Making sure your Members are in the appropriate groups prepares you for the busy fall semester so your chapter can hit the ground running when you return to campus. Plus, making sure you have moved all of your graduated Members to alumnae status will insure that your MCR bill is accurate and only represents your current Active Lifetime Members. 

Groups are listed in “Connect” and you can view the Members of each group by double clicking on the group name. 

Auto-Generated groups (such as New Members and Seniors) are groups that are generated based on information on a Member’s profile page. You should make sure that all of your New Members have been moved to Lifetime Members and that any Seniors who graduated this spring are moved to Alumnae status.

To change a Member’s status, you will need to go into “Manage Members” in My Access, which can only be done by those with administrator access. 

Admin Groups can be audited by going to Connect > Groups.  

  • Double click on the group in question and then click the pencil icon on the top right corner.  

  • Makes changes to the "Edit Group" box and click update.

Click here for further directions on editing groups.