Many of the MCR features you and your membership utilize revolve around the different member groups within MCR.  That is why it is so important to audit your chapter's groups every so often.  We suggest at the beginning of each new term or at least each new school year.  

How many group types are there?

There are 4 different types of groups: 

  • Personal Groups (Member created) - for your own use only. Nobody (not even admin users) apart from you will be able to see your Strictly Personal Groups or their member lists/count.  When an email is sent it will hide the group name from the email and instead just show the list of individual users that it was sent to/cc/bcc. (Example:  My Roommates) 
  • Closed Groups (Member created) - for situations where you want everyone who is in the group to be able to see/use the group.(Example: Volleyball intramural team)
  • Admin Groups (Admin created) - for situations where the group and its list of members is known to all MCR members. (Example: 2017 Recruitment Committee)
  • Auto-generated Groups (Auto-generated by MCR) - The status of all relevant users is taken into account and the underlying members are automatically placed into the relevant lists.  Some info is pulled from each members profile.

How do I audit a group?

The two group types that you, as an admin, really need to be concerned about keeping up-to-date are the Admin Groups and the Auto-generated Groups.  

Admin Groups can be audited by going to Connect > Groups.  

  • Double click on the group in question and then click the pencil icon on the top right corner.  
  • Makes changes to the "Edit Group" box and click update.

Auto-generated Groups are created using a number of factors such as membership status and member profile information.  Therefore, only some of these groups can be audited by going to My Access > Manage Users (bolded in the list below).  All others are automatically updated when changes to a members status are made.  (For example, a member is changed from Active Lifetime Member to Inactive Collegiate Member - that change will automatically readjust those two groups to reflect the change.)  

  • The different types of Auto-generated groups are: 
    • Active Lifetime Members
    • Active New Members
    • Big Sisters 
    • Live-in Members
    • Participation Exempt Lifetime Members
    • Eboard Members
    • Important References 
    • Alumnae 
    • Administrators
    • Parents/Guardians
    • Specific school years (Freshman. Sophomore, Junior, Senior) 
    • Specific initiation classes (Class of Fall 2017, Class of Spring 2018, etc.)   

To make changes to some of these Auto-generated groups, go to My Access  > Manage Users.  

  • Click on the pencil in the top right

  • Review and make changes to any of this information
  • Don't forget to update
  • Go back to Connect > Groups and find the group you just made changes to.