There are a few easy fixes if you aren't receiving MCR mail forwarded to your external email

1. Check your Settings:  Make sure you have the setting on that says "Forward MCR mail to my external email account'   You can find this easiest in the app under your settings.

2. Check your Spam: Sometimes MCR Mail can get caught up in spam filters. The best way to combat this is to create a rule that allows all mail with the subject "MCR Mail" to only go to the inbox or "Never send it to Spam".

3. Yahoo Account?  Emails will not be forwarded to Yahoo accounts..this has been a Yahoo standard since 2015. Yahoo will not receive forwarded mail from a server other than the originator.

4. University Firewall: If your university implemented new settings for their firewall, that could also be a factor. We have created a KB article for that if you want to send a message to your IT department. Click Here