Pro Tip: Updating Budget Assignments

As you transition to a new semester with new chapter leadership it is important to make sure that your budget assignments are updated. The President and Finance/Treasurer designee have access to create, delete, and edit budgets within MCR.

Important Reminder for Finance Leaders: Please check your MCR Invoices in the finance section to make sure that your chapter is up to date on your payments to MCR. Invoices reminders are sent out via MCR Mail quarterly - Feb 1, May 1, Aug 1 & Nov 1.


If you are an officer who has a budget and do not see that budget assigned to you in the finance section, reach out to your President/Treasurer and they can get your budget assigned to you.


Individual budgets can be found in the finance section: Finances > Budgets


To update budget assignments, open the individual budget by clicking on the title. This will open the budget detail page and you will see who has been assigned to this budget on the right hand side.



To delete a person who no longer needs access to a budget, simply click the  to the left of the person’s name.  You will use the “Add Collegian” link to add new Members who need access to the budget.



Simply type the Members name in the search box that opens, select their name and then click submit.

For more information on how to edit or update budgets, this article will be helpful.