As an Admin/Finance Member you will have access to all of the Budgets that exist within your organization.

To access these budgets, go to the Finances section via the dashboard. 

Any budgets that have been assigned to you will be listed on the main page ("My Budgets") of the finances section. This information is the same as what any Member with a budget assigned to them would see. 

To access all of the budgets for your chapter and to edit any budgets, you will need to click on "Budgets" in the finances section. 

Once in the budgets section, you will see a snapshot for every budget within your chapter, as well as the overall financial picture for the whole chapter. 

You can choose to sort the budgets in a variety of ways by choosing the drop down menu at the top of the screen. 

The top gray bar shows where the chapter stands overall for finances, with starting budgeted amount, total amount spent to this point, and total amount remaining. 

  • You can edit a budget from the main page by clicking in the "New Amount" column and inputting:
    • Expense/Income amount
    • Date
    • Description 
  • You can add multiple income/expense entries at one time through this feature 

  • Alternately, you can edit the budget by clicking on the individual budget to go into the detail screen for that budget. 
  • The detail screen for each budget gives you specific information about the budget, and allows you to view and edit who a budget is assigned to, by clicking the "+" icon for "Add Member"

To add income/expenses in the detailed view, you will simply use the top row of the chart, select income/expense and then enter details and press the "enter/return" key when you are done. 

If an entry is made incorrectly, you can delete it by clicking the trash can icon to the right of the entry. (This cannot be undone)