As the semester progresses, you may have some shifts in your Membership and Leadership positions that you need to update. Admin leaders and Advisors have an additional section of MCR called “My Access” that allows them to manage leadership roles and members’ status changes. 

Please note: The underlined text below links you directly to a how-to article.

Inactive Lifetime Members: Each semester you will have Members who are participating in academic activities, such as studying abroad or student teaching, that temporarily take them away from campus and off your active attendance roster.  If this happens, you should mark them as an inactive LIfetime member. You can also use this status for recruitment counselors when they are disaffiliated during recruitment.  However, you should return them to active status on bid day. 

Suspended Members: If a Member has not worked out a payment plan or paid their dues on time, it is best practice to suspend this Member from your chapter. Any Members suspended from the chapter should also have their MCR access suspended. Admin leaders and advisors can financially suspend the Member through the My Access portal by following these directions and selecting “Financially Suspend” as the Membership type. In order to reinstate a Financially Suspended Member, you will need to contact MCR Client Relations. 

Editing a Leadership Position:  If you have a leadership position that has changed, this article will walk you through the steps of how to edit the Member linked to a specific position. 

Adding a New Leadership Position: Your chapter may have updated your bylaws to create a new executive board position, in which case you will need to add this position to the list of leader roles in My Access. This article will show you how to add any new positions.