Remember: It is important to click SAVE often so you do not lose any work!

Image Galleries can be added on any of your pages except for pages that are formatted as blogs, where images will be added within individual blog posts. 

  • To add an image gallery you will simply drag the "gallery" button from the toolbar settings where you want the gallery to be added which will add an image gallery placeholder
  • Once the gallery placeholder is in place you will click on the placeholder to open the gallery properties box 
    • Use the 'manage images' button to upload your photos
    • Select the image ratio 
      • For gallery photos, it is best to select photos that are all the same ratio such as "Landscape"; if you have both Landscape and Portrait photos you are trying to use you can try using "Square" and/or edit your photos using photo editing software (such as Canva/Photoshop) so that all of the ratios match. 
    • You can edit the properties of your photo with spacing/padding/background color
      • Depending on what else is next to your gallery, you will want to adjust the spacing/padding to appropriately match or balance what is on either side
      • How much background color shows depends on your spacing and padding, it is best to adjust these as you are editing your site to see what looks best based on your photos 
    • You can also select whether your gallery previews arrows so visitors can advance photos to see them all at their own pace