Remember: It is important to click SAVE often so you do not lose any work!

Images can be added on any of your pages except for pages that are formatted as blogs, where images will be added within individual blog posts. 

  • To add an image you will simply drag the "image" button from the toolbar settings where you want an image to be added which will add an image placeholder
  • Once the image placeholder is in place you will click on the placeholder to open the image properties box 
    • Use the upload button to upload your photo 
    • Select the image ratio 
      • For photos being put side by side we recommend using the same image ratio so that the photos are balanced in proportion to each other
      • The height/width adjustments are only available if you select "none" for ratio which can be challenging to get your photo to be sized proportionately 
      • If you are using a photo that doesn't work well with the auto size ratios you can adjust the height/width proportionately to each other by taking a quick screenshot of the sizes and then dividing (or multiplying) the original numbers to keep them proportionate and checking your preview to make sure the photos are correct 
    • You can edit the properties of your photo with spacing/padding 
      • Depending on what else is next to your photos, you will want to adjust the spacing/padding to appropriately match or balance what is on either side
    • You can also link your photo to a page within your site or an external site
      •  This is a great option if you want to create an image using Canva or Photoshop that directs visitors to specific site such as a philanthropy sign-up, donation site etc. You can direct traffic to your main site using your easy to remember vanity URL such as "" and then have an image right at the top of your site that says "Click Here to Support our Dancers" that redirects visitors to your specific site