Remember: It is important to click SAVE often so you do not lose any work! 

To edit page properties you will go to: MyAccess > External Website > Pages 

  • To edit the settings of an existing page, click on the page title in the left hand column 
  • To add a new page, click the + icon at the top of the pages column 
  • Pages can be reordered by dragging the page titles and moving them to the order you want them to appear 
    • Top to bottom in the Pages list will be right to left on the navigation bar 

  1. Page Name: This is the title of your page that will appear on the navigation bar 
  2. Visibility: A public page is visible to anyone who visits your site; a private page is not visible to those who visit your site and is recommended for use while a page is under construction 
    1. Private Page Icon
  3. Page Type: A standard page is a typical webpage that allows you to use the website builder to create your page; a blog page allows you to write and title blog entries 
  4. Parent Page: If you select "none" the page will appear in the navigation bar as a stand alone page; to nest the page you are editing under another page you will select that page name as the Parent page. 
  5. Copy: Creates a duplicate of the page with all the same settings, title will have "Copy" added after the original page title name 
  6. Delete: Deletes the page; cannot be recovered 

The 'save' button allows you to save your work as you go along and the 'publish' button publishes your edits to the public facing website. 

Click here for a detailed post on adding pages and properties.