The footer bar is divided into three columns: 

  • The left and right columns can be left blank or have any text you prefer added
  • The central column includes navigation to all the pages of your site 
  • Unlike the header bar, you will need to edit the properties of each column of the footer separately 

To access the properties of any section of the footer bar, you will click in that section and the editing box will open 

For the left and right side column boxes you can edit: 

  • Text: This is the text you are typing in the box and you can edit the font, font size, font color, font conditions (such as italicized). You can add an ordered/unordered list, link to a website, and align the text 
  • Border: You can add (or delete) a border box around each column section. If you want all three columns on the footer to match, you will need to mimic the same settings for each of the columns. 
  • Box: You can adjust the color of each column box individually, you can also select how to align text vertically within the box. 
  • Background Color: You can change the color behind the columns, click the color chooser to select a new color 
  • Spacing: Allows you to edit the padding and margin 
    • Padding is the size of your footer box where the elements fit in; adding padding will make your color box larger. Note: When you adjust padding in any column box it adjusts padding for the entire footer bar. 
    • Margin is the distance between your footer box and the outer edge of your site; adding margin will increase the space between the header box and the edge of the screen. Note: You will adjust the margin for each column box individually 

The middle column is a site-map that links to each page of your external site and mimics the links in your top navigation bar underneath the header box. The middle column box font and text color can be edited, as well as the background color and spacing. The same spacing "rules" from the left and right column boxes applies to this section as well.