The header bar has three columns: 

  • Login: On the left side, this is the button that allows your Members to login directly to chapter MCR portal 
  • Logo: In the center, this is where you can upload a logo, crest, or organization name in JPG/PNG form 
  • Social Media: On the right side, this is where you can add links to your chapter social media accounts 
    • If you choose not to include social media your header will shift to a two column view 

The header bar background color and spacing properties can be edited to personalize your site. 

My Access > External Website > Build

To edit the header bar properties, click in the header bar area and a pop-up will open on the bottom: 

You can move this box anywhere on the screen, and when editing header properties, you will have a more full view if you move this box to the middle of your screen. To move, just click on the orange bar at the top and drag where you want it to be. 

To change the background color you will click the color icon for Background and the color chooser will open

You can move the color slider to select a color or type a hex code in the box for a specific branded color. Once you select a color this will change the color on your header bar. 

To change the spacing you will click "Spacing" which will open the spacing properties box 

You can adjust the "padding" and "margin" 

  • Padding is the size of your header box where the elements fit in; adding padding will make your color box larger
  • Margin is the distance between your header box and the outer edge of your site; adding margin will increase the space between the header box and the edge of the screen 
  • The pre-set padding and margin is "20" on all sides 

When you adjust padding/margin you can see the changes as you make them. It is helpful to simply go into the editor and adjust the settings to find a look that you prefer.