One of the most important steps to take at the beginning of the summer is to move your graduated seniors to an Alumni membership status. The MCR Customer Services team will automatically advance all other Members' academic year on July 1. So it is important to move seniors to alumni status prior to July 1 so it is easier to identify graduated seniors. 

For full details on Alpha Sigma Tau Member status change procedures you can navigate to this document: 

Collaborate > Membership Status Change Forms > Membership Status Change Procedures

Procedure for moving Members to Alumna status: 

  1. The Vice President of Operations should report the member as “Member Leaving School” or as “Member Graduating” in Officer Portal. 
  2. Headquarters Staff will receive notification of the status change. Upon approval, the MCR and Officer Portal will be updated and the member will no longer appear on the membership roster.
  3. The member leaving school or graduating is responsible for paying all outstanding dues to both the local chapter and the National Organization
    1. The chapter should make every effort to collect any outstanding dues prior to the member leaving school or graduating. Should the member fail to pay dues prior to leaving school or graduating, the chapter should reach out to the member to secure payment or arrange a payment plan. 
    2. If the member does not comply with chapter requests for payment or is not responsive, the chapter should utilize the collections process
  4. Once a member as left school or graduated and is no longer enrolled in courses, she is considered an Alumna Member.

For a video tutorial please click here.