The 'Header' of your website is the very top section of information and is prebuilt with three columns 

  1. Login (Allows your Members to log into their MCR account) 
  2. Logo 
  3. Social Media Quick Links (easily link to chapters social media accounts with clickable icons) 

To edit the properties of your 'Header' you will just need to click anywhere on the header which will open the properties setting editor, which can be expanded to adjust the settings of your header and can be dragged anywhere on your screen for increased viewing options. 

To change the background color of the header you will click the color icon and you can either use the color selector tool or type the hex code in the box. Most branding guidelines from national organizations includes specific Hex color codes that can easily be used to make sure you have exactly the correct shade. 

To Add/Edit Social Media links, click the right hand section of header to open the social media properties editor: 

To add a link to your social media channels you will type your username in the corresponding media box; which will generate an icon on your header that when clicked will open a new tab directing the user to your social media page. For many social media pages, your username is the unique letters and numbers at the end of the web address, as viewed below from Facebook.