Your website is built with a series of pages that organize the information you are sharing. Each page is listed at the top of your website in the navigation bar below the header. 

Examples of pages: 

  • Home
  • About Us 
  • Philanthropy 
  • Recruitment / How to Join
  • Calendar of Events

You can also 'nest' pages within a parent page. A parent page is the main page that is visible on the navigation bar; a nested page is a subpage to the parent page and is only visible when hovering over the main page link on the navigation bar. 

Examples of parent pages with nested pages below: 

  • Home 
  • About Us 
    • Alpha Delta Pi at State University 
    • Alpha Delta Pi International Sorority 
  • Philanthropy 
    • Ronald McDonald House 
    • Alpha Delta Pi Foundation 
  • Recruitment 
    • Formal Recruitment 
    • Continuous Open Bidding (COB) 
  • Calendar of Events

To create a page(s) you will go to: MyAccess > External Website > Pages 

  • To edit the settings of an existing page, click on the page title in the left hand column 
  • To add a new page, click the + icon at the top of the pages column 
  • Pages can be reordered by dragging the page titles and moving them to the order you want them to appear 
    • Top to bottom in the Pages list will be right to left on the navigation bar 

  1. Page Name: This is the title of your page that will appear on the navigation bar 
  2. Visibility: A public page is visible to anyone who visits your site; a private page is not visible to those who visit your site and is recommended for use while a page is under construction 
    1. Private Page Icon
  3. Page Type: A standard page is a typical webpage that allows you to use the website builder to create your page; a blog page allows you to write and title blog entries 
  4. Parent Page: If you select "none" the page will appear in the navigation bar as a stand alone page; to nest the page you are editing under another page you will select that page name as the Parent page. 
  5. Copy: Creates a duplicate of the page with all the same settings, title will have "Copy" added after the original page title name 
  6. Delete: Deletes the page; cannot be recovered 

The 'save' button allows you to save your work as you go along and the 'publish' button publishes your edits to the public facing website.