Your external site is a public facing website that anyone can navigate to and learn more about your chapter and organization. Your site can be customized to meet the needs of your chapter. We encourage you to view our short tutorial video here as an easy way to see many of the tools in action. 

To edit your external website you will navigate to: My Access > External Website

Please Note: You must be in a Google Chrome browser to edit the external website; 

for best viewing we recommend reducing your screen zoom to 90%.

The left navigation menu can be collapsed to allow for better screen viewing and editing. Simply click the arrow at the bottom of the screen to collapse and/or open the navigating tools. 

Site Settings: 

  • When you navigate to the External Website you are automatically in "Build" view which allows you to edit the components of your site
  • The Site Settings can be accessed by clicking "Site Settings" above the editing tools             
  • Within Site Settings you can edit the colors, fonts, site title, and Favicon for your External Website 
    • Three main colors: Background, Text, Accent 
      • To change one of these colors, click on the color and the color picker will appear and you can either type the Hex code or use the color slider. 
      • Don't forget to check your headquarters branding guidelines as they often have specific colors for you to use 
    • Three fonts: Header, Navigation, Paragraph 
      • Within the text customization you will have web friendly fonts to select from as well as well font size and weight (bold, italic etc.) 
    • Site Title is what you want your site to be called, typically this is your chapter designation and organization name such as:  "Alpha Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega" 
    • Favicon is the small 16x16 pixel icon that shows up on the web browser tab when someone navigates to your website 
      • Typically this will be your organization logo 
      • Image must be a ".ico" file type
      • You can go to and convert any image into a ".ico" file 
      • To upload your Favicon, click on the picture icon and you will be prompted to upload your file

When editing your site you have two options to preserve your changes: 

  • Save:This saves all changes but does not update the public facing site. 
    • It is good practice to save frequently while updating your site to ensure you don't lose any changes
    • You can preview your changes by clicking the preview icon in the upper right corner
  • Publish: This saves all changes made and pushes these changes to the public facing site to be viewed immediately. 

There are two components of your website that can be seen on every page: 

  • Header: This is the small bar at the top of the site that serves as the title and navigation of your page 
    • The Header includes: 
      • Logo 
      • Navigation Tools 
      • Login button for Members to log into MCR 
      • Social Media Icons with Links 
  • Footer: This is the small bar at the bottom of the site that gives basic information about the site/chapter 
    • The Footer includes: 
      • Chapter and Organization/University with Mailing Address 
      • Navigation Tools 
      • Copyright information 

   To edit the Header or Footer, click in the section (header/footer) you want to edit in the "Build" view and you will see a pop-up editor appear to allow you to make changes.