Only an Admin can delete an event.  There is a lot associated with events (excuses, points, attendance etc.) and it is important to limit the number of people who can delete events to ensure that information isn’t accidentally lost in the process. 

All E-Board Leaders can edit events that they have created; this article explains how to edit an event you have created. Note: If you need to change the event type (mandatory, bonus etc.) you will need to delete the event and recreate it. If excuses have already been received it is very important that the excuses are downloaded by the admin before deleting the event so that they can be put into the new event. 

There are 3 different ways to delete an event: 


1.  Click on the event from the dashboard and choose "Cancel Event"


2.  Click on the event in the calendar and choose "Cancel Event"


3. Go to the Event Admin page, find the event in question, scroll to the right and find the trash can associated with the event