Secondly, for chapters with deferred recruitment there are two important steps to take when recruitment counselors disaffiliate from your chapter during recruitment.   


  • They will still have access to MCR to communicate with other members.

  • When anyone needs to communicate with these members, they should specifically choose them from the member list or choose the Participation Exempt group.

In MyChapterRoom under My Access:

  1. Mark Recruitment Counselors as Participation Exempt under Membership Status 

    1. Recruitment Counselors can’t participate in all chapter activities because of disaffiliation and other commitments; marking them participation exempt removes them from the active attendance roster and insures that they are not penalized for participation points they cannot earn. 

  2. Check off “Recruitment Counselor” under “Other” 

    1. This removes the Member from your roster on your external website (if applicable)

For more detailed instructions on changing Membership Status under My Access; check out our Knowledge Base article here