New Announcement Features in the Mobile App for Leaders

Announcements in the app have been given a boost. You can now select specific groups to send announcements to, edit or delete an announcement and set a future date for the announcement to be sent out.

There are two types of announcements within MCR: 

  1. SMS Announcement: Posted within MCR on the dashboard and a text is sent to each Member selected 

  2. MCR Announcement: Posted within MCR on the dashboard for each Member selected 

Both types of announcements can be sent from either the website or the mobile app. Depending on the type of announcement you send depends on what permissions you have once the announcement is sent. 

SMS Announcement:

  • Can be edited/deleted until the start date of the announcement 

  • Once an announcement is sent via SMS it cannot be changed 

  • You will know if an announcement has been sent via SMS by the mobile phone icon in the bottom left corner of the announcement 

MCR Announcement: 

  • Can be edited/deleted at any time even after the announcement start date 

All announcements (SMS and MCR) are posted under Announcements and on the dashboard through the end date. 

1. This designates the group you are sending the announcement to. You can select any group on either the mobile app or the website. 

2. You want this toggle off (as pictured) for non-SMS announcements. Toggle the button to the right and this will become green to indicate an SMS message will be sent also. 

Use the pencil icon to edit the announcement, and the trash can icon to delete the announcement. 

In the near future, we will be adding an auto archive feature. Announcements that have passed will be viewable on the website.