We are always listening for ways to make MCR work better for our Chapter Leaders and Members! Achievements are a great way to track Member participation for activities that are not date specific, for example: paying dues by the 1st due date, holding a leadership position, community service etc. 

Some of the flexibility with achievements are: 

Achievements roll over from one term to the next as often chapters use the same achievements each term, for example, paying dues on time. But sometimes Achievements are stand alone events for a single term and having the achievement displayed in the queue is confusing for Members and can cause more important achievements to be lost in the clutter. For this reason, we have released a new feature allowing Admin leaders to make achievements inactive. 

Some key highlights of how to use this feature: 

  • Outgoing admin officers should review all Achievements by going to Event Admin > All Achievements 

    • Marking an Achievement “Inactive” (1) removes it from your Member’s list of submission options but does not delete past submissions/points 

      • If you are unsure about the need for past history utilizing the “Inactive” option is best as you can always reactivate and/or duplicate the Achievement if necessary. 

      • To determine if an Achievement has been actively used by the chapter you can look at the total submissions by term; anything with zero submissions has not had any Members submit this Achievement for that term. 

    • Deleting (2) an Achievement is permanent and causes you to lose all data associated with the achievement 

      • For example, if Members had submitted an achievement for something in the fall and you delete it, those points and submissions would no longer be visible in past terms. 

    • Keeping an Achievement as is, will keep the Achievement as a submit option for current and future terms. 

Remember that you can also edit an Achievement, by clicking the pencil icon, if you want to keep the data together for an Achievement but edit the text, for example if you have an Achievement for paying dues on time you could edit the Achievement with the correct deadline for the term.