3 FAQ's on utilizing surveys within MCR

For the best user experience, please make sure all of your members are using the MCR website on their computers to fill out the survey.

  1. How do I view survey responses? 
    Anyone you want to view the survey responses must be added as a viewer when you create the survey. The individual who creates the survey will NOT automatically be able to view survey results, you must add yourself. You can add individuals or groups to view survey results. 


  1. How do I make a copy of my survey? 
    You can make a copy of a survey from active, draft, or archive sections in the ‘Manage Surveys’ section. Click on the copy icon and a copy of your original survey will open. You can then make any edits necessary, including naming the survey and either save the survey to drafts or send it to the chapter. 

  2. How do I view results of surveys? 
    To view results of surveys you simply go into Manage Surveys and then click on the report icon. 

You can view results in summary or individual form (2) and download results as an excel file (4) as well. Additionally, you will see which groups were required/asked to fill out the survey (3) and who has still not filled it out (1).