New Member Account Activation and Validation


After new members are entered and submitted in MCR, each new member will receive an email from MyChapterRoom (MCR) entitled “Welcome to MCR!” That email contains a link for the new member to activate her MCR account. The initial login must be done through the MCR website on a desktop or laptop (not a mobile device) and the new member must use the email address listed in the welcome email for her first login when a password is created. Her username will be her email address.


  1. After clicking the link to activate her account, the new member will create a password and re-enter her chosen password before clicking the Submit button.

  1. Upon login, there will be several required fields outlined in red for the new member to complete. When she is finished filling out all fields, she will click the Update button in the upper right corner.


  1. After clicking on the Update button in MCR, a text will be sent containing a code that must be entered to verify her cell phone number.

  1. A popup window will appear. She will then complete a few more required fields that will allow the new member to be reported for Initiation. This step will need to be completed before she can access other MCR features.
  2. The next screen, she will enter some additional contact information. The information previously entered on the MCR Profile screen will be greyed-out. If the greyed-out information needs to be modified or updated, it can be done at any time in MCR. 
  3. The new member will read and electronically sign Membership Agreement.
  4. The New Member Post-Recruitment Assessment is the last step in the self-validation pop-up window.
  5. A PDF of the Membership Agreement can then be downloaded by the new member. A copy of the electronically signed Membership Agreement is kept on file at National Headquarters. 


The self-validation pop-up window can now be closed. Upon closing the pop-up, the new member will be taken to the home screen of MCR.


If a new member exits MCR without completing her profile or the information in the self-validation pop-up window, she will need to complete the information upon her next login before any other section of the chapter’s MCR can be accessed.



It is very important that new members are reported in MCR immediately after accepting a bid so you can welcome them to the Sisterhood. If a new member resigns and does not go through the Ribbon Pledging Ceremony, she can be removed from the New Member Class Report in Officer Portal before the new member class is confirmed. At the time a new member is removed from the New Member Class Report, she will be automatically reported as resigned in Officer Portal and MCR. Confirming the new member class should be done in Officer Portal within seven (7) days of the Ribbon Pledging Ceremony.

Please report Initiation in Officer Portal at least three (3) weeks prior to Initiation to receive Badges and membership certificates and cards in time for the Formal Initiation Ceremony.