How to Update an Email Address


If a new member has not received a welcome email from MCR, please check her email address and update the address if necessary. Below are instructions on how to update the new member’s email address to resend the welcome email in MCR.

Please see video at 01:08


  1. In MCR, the Vice President of Operations should click on My Access (the key icon).

  1. Click on Manage Users.

  1. Click on the pencil icon in the upper right corner. This will allow you to update the new member’s email address. Click the Update button when done.

    The list can be filtered by choosing New Members in the drop-down menu and typing in the new member’s name, if necessary. 

  1. If a new member’s email is updated because she has not received the welcome email from MCR, resend the welcome email after updating her email address. Click on the Welcome Emails button.


  1. Find the new member by using the drop-down menu and/or the search field. Check the box to the right of the member’s name then click the Send to selected button. 

Please Note: If a member has already logged in, you cannot change her email address. She can change it within her profile screen.