How to Confirm a New Member Class in Officer Portal


Confirm new members within seven (7) days of the Ribbon Pledging Ceremony.


To confirm new members, follow the directions below:


  1. Log into Officer Portal from MCR


        2.  Select the Members icon.

3.  From the list of Membership Changes, select the new member class where the status Select to confirm New Member Class appears in red. If new members were reported in multiple instances in MyChapterRoom (MCR), there will be more than one class in Officer Portal that will need to be confirmed. Any new member class of zero (0) new members will be removed by National Headquarters.

4. If any of new member listed in the class has resigned and/or did not participate in the Ribbon Pledging Ceremony, click the Remove button to the right of their name them from the New Member Class Report before submitting.

5.  If you click the Remove button, a pop-up will appear for you to confirm you would like to mark the new member as resigned. If the Remove button was clicked by mistake, click the Cancel button.


6. Before submitting the New Member Class Report to the National Headquarters, please check the list of new members and enter the dates of the Ribbon Pledging Ceremony as well as the approximate date of the Collegiate Initiation Ceremony. When finished, click the Submit The New Member Class button.

7.  Upon submission of the New Member Class Report, the new member dues, fees, and assessments will be posted to the chapter statement. The chapter statement can be found by clicking the Chapter Dashboard icon then selecting the Finance tab. The Vice President of Finance should schedule the payment to Headquarters in the chapter's Billhighway account before the due date.



After new members have activated their MCR account, completed their MCR profile, and completed the self-validation popup, they will be available to be reported for Initiation.

Please report Initiation in Officer Portal at least three (3) weeks prior to Initiation to receive Badges and membership certificates and cards in time for the Formal Initiation Ceremony.