We have updated the sharing permission logic for Document and Folder sharing in the collaborate section to more closely resemble the type of permissions you would experience on external sites, such as Google Drive, DropBox etc. 

The sharing permission logic is as follows:

  • Any file or folder can be shared with any individual or group/s within the chapter

  • If you share only a file it will be listed in the files section of Shared with me

  • If you share a folder, the folder and all of its files will be shared in the folders section of Shared with me

  • If there is a file within the folder you don’t want shared with someone; you can right click on that file and remove that person/group sharing permission; this file will no longer be visible to that person/group but the folder and other files will be visible 

  • Any folder or file shared will result in an email being sent to those individuals or groups.

As you create new folders and set sharing permissions, they will follow the new (noted above) logic.  

Important Notes: 

  • When a file or folder is shared, you will have the opportunity to notify the relevant members that you have shared a file/folder with them.  

  • You should check sharing permissions for files and folders to make sure they are shared with the correct groups/individuals 

    • Right click on the folder and select share, confirm the groups to share with and then click the “Update” button and the updated sharing permissions will be applied to the group. 

  • The most common sharing error we notice is that when the document/folder is uploaded it is not shared with anyone or it is shared with individual users instead of with a group. 

  • We recommend sharing with the group so that you don’t accidentally miss someone. If the group is updated, that will automatically update the document/folder sharing permissions as well.