We are excited to share a new feature that is sure to make working together in committees, groups, and teams easier for both Leaders and Members! Any Member can create a project and invite collaborators. 

This feature is a built in project management tool that allows individuals and groups within MCR to collaborate! The Projects feature can be found in the Collaborate section of MCR. 

When you create or open a project you will be taken to the Project’s dashboard where you can view recent activity, tasks assigned to you, upcoming deadlines and any Notes for the project. By clicking on the pencil in the upper right corner you can add individual or groups of collaborators for the project. 

From the Dashboard you can go into a detail view for Tasks, Files, or Notes by clicking the title at the top of the page. 


  • Assign tasks to any collaborators, including yourself

  • Tasks can have deadlines 

  • When you are in tasks view, you can double click the task to add notes within the task 

  • One assigned, these will show up on the individuals “My Tasks” list 

  • Completed tasks can be viewed 


  • Shared with all collaborators on the project 

  • Folders can be created to organize files 

  • These files are specific to the project and remain within the project files 


  • Collaborators can chat back and forth within the project 

  • This works just like The Buzz but is specific to the project