Surveys combine many of the useful features of Questions and Forms to further enhance the ability of chapter leaders to connect and engage with their Members. 

The new survey feature is being released in phases.  This initial release will allow you to collect individual responses from each Member in a convenient format. Especially useful as you work to coordinate end of year information.  For the future, you can create surveys that deal with many aspects of the chapter; communication transparency, New Member program satisfaction, recruitment evaluation, Officer Interest Grid, Election, and many more.

You will build your Survey much like you build a form, by dragging and dropping the components you want included into the main page of your survey. 

Survey Set Up from MyChapterRoom on Vimeo.

Some key attributes of MCR Surveys: 

  • Surveys have a page break option 

  • Surveys cannot be completed anonymously and each survey can only be completed a single time per Member 

  • You do not “sign” a survey, you simply submit 

  • Those who can see replies (reports) of surveys remain with who was in the group at the time the Survey was created 

    • When you look at archived surveys and it says “Active Lifetime Members” that would be the Active Lifetime Members at the time the survey was created. 

  • When you are creating a survey you can only send the survey to groups of Members (i.e. Active Lifetime Members or Intramural Dodgeball Team) 

  • Who can view replies to the survey can be set as individuals or as groups, which differs from forms where replies are associated with a specific position. 

This is the initial phase of our survey feature, these additional features will be rolled out for surveys: 

  1. Summary graph/stats of submissions 

  2. Scale question feature 

  3. Rating question feature 

  4. The ability to skip pages/questions when people choose a specific option in a question

As always, if you have questions about this new feature or anything else, please reach out to our Client Services Team!