Self Check-In events allow for Members to check themselves into an event based on location. Members should both check-in and out through the mobile app. 

Before attendance can be submitted, the leader who created the event or an event admin must approve/decline all check-ins in order for attendance/points to be accurate when submitted. This can be done through the app by going to the event and swiping left on each check in or on the website by manually checking those Members with an approved check-in before submitting attendance.  

On the mobile app: Swipe left and then select the appropriate option: 

On the website go to: Engage > Event Admin > Select Event 

Once the event attendance is visible for your self check-in event, you will need to check the box for "attended" for to approve a Members attendance. 

If you have already approved the check-ins through the mobile app, those Members will already have a check mark in the 'attended' column. Whether you approve through the mobile app or on the website; you will still need to submit attendance for Members to get the appropriate points.