Within MyChapterRoom there are various membership types that you can use to classify Members.

Participation Exempt Members are those Lifetime Members who do not have any attendance requirements to maintain their good standing with the organization. Your chapter may have specific expectations for this type of Membership (such as financial requirements) all of these expectations can still apply, but by marking a Member as participation exempt they will retain access to MCR and chapter information but will not receive unnecessary notifications. 

Key Points: 

  • When creating events for the calendar, Participation Exempt Members cannot be expected to attend
    • If you create an event and invite "Active Lifetime Members" once a Participation Exempt Lifetime Member is moved back to Active Lifetime Member they will automatically be included on those events
  • You can send MCR mail to Participation Exempt Members, but they must be added in addition or separately from Active Lifetime Members 
  • MCR will create an Auto-Generated group of Participation Exempt Members any time you have Members in this category 
  • When creating a custom report you have the option to include Participation Exempt Members in your report 

We hope this updated terminology will make it easier to identify when to classify Members as Participation Exempt!