You may be tracking study hours for Members who are on an Academic Improvement Plan, as a way to help Members hold each other accountable, or as an opportunity for Members to earn bonus positive points. 


MCR can help you track these hours and insure that Members are doing them when and where they need to be done, without having an E-Board Member physically present to check them in.


The Self Check-In feature allows you to designate the specific location, and time(s), where study hours can take place and set the times they can take place as well. When Members arrive in the location, they will check in on the MCR App from their phone, once they are ready to leave they will check out. Your designated chair or E-Board Member will then audit and submit attendance.


For Study Hours you will use the event type that correlates with your chapter’s bylaws for study hour requirements. If you are using a “Bonus Event” template, this will allow all Members the opportunity to check into study hours but will not penalize those who do not.  Having Members check-in and out will also give you data to submit to your Fraternity and Sorority Life Office and your headquarters on study hours completed. 


You will create the event on your calendar as you would any other event:

  • You can set the event to be recurring rather than having to create each individual event. You can set the recurrence weekly so that you do not have to create individual events each week. 

    • If you have different locations, you will need to set each location as its’ own recurring event. 

    • If you are trying to track study hours for various locations and times of day(s), it is best to create an achievement for Members to submit 


Study Hours will populate your calendar, and all Members will have the ability to Self Check-In and out from the app.

If you have a specific leadership position responsible for approving study hours/study hall they should create this event so they have the ability to approve or decline  attendance.  The leader would click on “See all self check-ins” and can audit the location and time spent in that location.  By swiping to the left, the leader can approve or decline the check-in.  

The leader will then need to go into the MCR website to make the final approval on the event for the points to be distributed.  Any Members who were approved through App by the leader, will have a check mark next to their attendance. If someone wasn’t able to check in, but you know they attended, you can manually check the box for their attendance to be recorded. 

As with any event, any adjustments that need to be made to attendance after it has been submitted will need to be done by an admin.