There are certain achievements that are easier to have an executive board Member submit on behalf of Members to insure accuracy. An achievement that gives Members points for paying their dues in full by the first payment due date, would be an example of an achievement that is easier for the VP Finance to submit rather than Members submitting themselves. 

Only Admin, Event Admin, and the E-Board Member who created the achievement will have access to submit an achievement on behalf of a Member. 

To access the submission button, you will go to Engage --> Event Admin --> All Achievements

Once in the list of achievements under Event Admin, you will click on the achievement you wish to submit on behalf of Members. 

Click the "Add Member Achievements" button

To select which Members to add the achievement for you can type their names in the search bar (1), or click the view roster button(2). 

If you click "view roster" option, any Members who have already reached the max submissions will be greyed out, and not able to be selected. Any available members can be selected, and then click "Submit" 

Once you click on "Submit" you will get a pop up message to confirm submission, once you confirm, the achievement will be approved and added for the selected Members. 

All Members in the achievement queue will be shown and the "Details" column will indicate if the achievement was submitted on behalf of the Member, and by whom.