There are two types of forms your chapter leadership can create for you to fill out: 

  • Ongoing Forms:These are forms that you will potentially fill out continuously, such as a check requisition form.

  • Single Sign Forms: These are forms that every Member of a group (a committee, Lifetime Members, New Members etc.) are expected to fill out/accept once per year or per semester. 

You will access both forms in the Communicate section of MCR under Forms. 

You will see a list of forms that are available, separated by Ongoing Forms and Single Sign Forms. When you click on the form title, it will open a screen for you to fill in the form and submit. 

When you scroll to the bottom of the form, you need to check that you have filled out the information truthfully, and then click submit. 

Once a Single Sign form has been submitted, you will no longer see it in your list of available forms to fill out when you go to the Forms section. Ongoing forms will remain available until your chapter leadership archives the form.