As you are creating a form for your chapter to use their are many different components you can use to build your form. As you are building your form, you can always press the preview icon to see what the form will look like for Members. 

Title: Should be descriptive and will show in the forms list and aligned left at the top of your form. 

Text Box: Allows you to include a description and the text can be edited in size, color, and font effects.

Image: Any image can be imported from your computer. Click the Image icon within the box and upload from your computer or drag and drop your image. 

Button: This will insert a button that links to a web link or file, you will need to click on the button in order to customize your settings. 

Divider Line:This will allow you to separate sections within your form. 

Spacer: This will create a space buffer between two sections. 

Logo: This will insert your organization logo onto your form.

Single Text Field: This can be used for a short response, such as "Place of Purchase" 

Comment Field: This can be used for a longer response, such as feedback from an event. 

Check Boxes: Allow Members to select multiple items, such as "Top three committees you want to join" 

Multiple Choice: Allow Members to select one option, such as "Which budget should these funds be deducted from" 

Drop Down: Allows for a choice to be selected from a drop down menu, such as "What is your major" 

Once you have finished creating your form, it is always a good idea to preview you it to make sure it looks how you intended. 

Click here for how to create a form.