A Form allows members to individually enter requested information and electronically sign the form acknowledging that the member has read the form and filled it in fully and truthfully.

The information provided in the form can only be viewed by the members who have been given access to it. Access must be given at the creation of the form.  

Form examples: 

  • Social Media Contract 
  • Bylaws Acknowledgement 
  • House Rules Acknowledgement 
  • Guest Meal 
  • PNM Recommendation 
  • Anonymous Comment/Suggestion
  • Standards Request 

To create a new form you will go to Communicate > Forms > Manage Forms and then click the "+" sign in the upper right corner. 

You will be brought to a new screen to create your form. You will need to give your form a Title and then can drag and drop other components from the left column to build your form. 

  • The Title you give your form will show be at the top of your completed form 
  • You can drag multiple form components into a single row 
  • Check the "mandatory field" box to require the box to be filled out before submission
  • You can have an answer field only without text, by clicking "Remove Text Box" 

Once you finish your form and click "Create" you will be prompted to choose who to share the form with, these are the Members who can fill out the form. And you will also need to choose who can review completed forms, form replies can only be viewed by E-Board Members and Important References. 

  • Replies sent to individuals (Chapter President) will have a copy of each form submission emailed to them 
    • This is helpful for things like a check requisition form that the VP Finance would want to be alerted to 
  • Replies sent to a group (Administrators) will have to log into MCR on the website to view submissions 
    • This is helpful for things like a By-Laws acknowledgement form