MyChapterRoom allows leaders two attendance options when creating an event: 

  1. QR Code: For these events, each Member will have a unique QR code that leaders can scan as Members enter the event to take attendance. The QR code does not appear until 30 minutes prior to the event start time.  This is the default option for all events, if “Self Check-In” isn’t selected for the event, the QR code will be the attendance option selected. 

    1. QR Code check in is best for activities where leaders will be present to scan and most of the chapter/group is required to attend (such as a New Member meeting or Chapter meeting)

    2. If you have a large chapter, it can be helpful to have Members screenshot their QR code and then close out of the MCR app so that it is easier for leaders to scan everyone quickly. 

  1. Self Check In: An event with Self Check-In has a specific geo-location attached to it and Members open the event through the MCR app when they arrive and click “check in” and before they depart they click “check out” The Members distance from the geo-location and time at check in and check out are recorded for leader. 

    1. Self Check In events are best for activities where there will not necessarily be a leader to check people in (for instance, attending another organizations philanthropy event).

    1. The leader who creates the self-check in event will need to approve/decline all check-ins. This can be done through the app by going to the event and swiping left on each check in or on the website by manually checking those Members with an approved check-in before submitting attendance. 

Regardless of whether you use Self Check-In or the QR codes for scanning, a chapter leader will need to audit and submit attendance through the MCR website after the event. This allows the leader to fix any mistakes, see if any check ins/scans recorded improperly and the points to be recorded for Members.