MCR allows for your Standards/Honor Council (VP CRSB) to request Members to attend a Standards or Honor Council meeting without it being visible to anyone else other than the Member being invited, President and Chapter Advisor. 

To request a Member to attend a standards meeting you will create an event following the usual process through the Engage section. (Click here for step by step directions)

  1. Make sure to choose the correct template (CRSB, Standards Request, Honor Council etc.) 
    1. This is the only template that will keep requested attendees private, if you do not have a template for this, please message in to our chat feature and we will create the template for you. 
  2. Title the event as CRSB Request so the recipients know you are requesting they attend 
  3. If you want Members to be able to submit an excuse if they cannot attend, be sure to check the "Excuses" box 
  4. Type the individual Member's names you are requesting to attend your meeting 
    1. Only the Standards Chair (VP CRSB), President, and Chapter Advisor and those requested to attend will be able to see the calendar event.
  5. Click "Done" and select "Yes" to notify Members of the Request

The Chapter Advisor and Chapter President will receive an email with all Members who were requested to attend.