For detailed instructions on creating a Custom Report, please click here

  • Custom Reports are only visible to the person who created them. 
  • To give access to a report for other Members to see, you will need to download the report. 
    • Note: Once you download information, it is no longer dynamic and you will not be able to see data that may get updated by Members within MCR. 
  • Select the Excel icon to download as an excel spreadsheet. 

  • If you want to alphabetize your phone list by last name, you will need to separate columns for first and last name. 
    • See video below for how to easily do this with your downloaded excel sheet.

  • Save your excel spreadsheet (You can save as a PDF for easier viewing) 
  • Upload custom report in the Collaborate Section 
    • Click on your file (outline will be highlighted in yellow)
    • Click on the share icon in the upper right corner

  • After clicking the share button, you will see a pop up screen for who to share the document with, select the Members/or Group of Members you wish to share
  • In this case, we're sharing with all Active Lifetime Members (Make sure to add New Members if you also have New Members)

  • Once you have added all Members you want to share document with, click "Done" 

Now Members will be able to view this document (Phone List in this case) in the Collaborate section on MCR website and in Documents on MCR App.