The chart below shows you which features are available to different access levels and which features can be given to specific Members to assist with attendance management including processing excuses.


You will notice that giving a Member Event Admin Access  allows them to create and edit events and attendance for any events created. In many cases, it would be better to give a Member E-Board Access so they can create and edit their own events only. If you have questions about how this access works, please feel free to contact us through support. 

To edit the access that a Member has, you will need to go to My Access (key icon) and Manage Users. 

In order to edit Member's access, you will need to click the pencil icon, in the upper right corner, to go into editing mode. 

Once in editing mode, you will type the Member's name in the search bar you want to give access to. 

  • Once you have navigated to the Member you want, you will scroll to the left to see the Member Access options. 
    • You will select whichever Access options you want the Member to have by clicking the box to the left of each option. 
  • Once you have finished click "Update" button in top right corner to save changes. 

Note: Should you check off "EBoard" the system will automatically give the user "Scan Attendees" and "Questions/Answers." However, checking "EBoard" does not mean that they will show up as an EBoard Member on your Chapter Info page, it is simply giving this person the access as described in the chart at the top of this page.