Admin & E-Board Members can create Events and indicate which Members the event is applicable for. 

To create a new Event, the Admin/E-Board Member will navigate to the Event section of Engage. 

Select the "+" icon to create a new event. 

You will see a pop up to choose the type (or template) for the event. 

  • Once you select the event type, the event screen will expand. You will need to create a Title, Details, Date, Time, Points and any applicable Fines. 
    • This is the screen where you will indicate if Members should submit excuses if they cannot attend, if they will be able to do self checkin or if Guests are invited to the event. (If Guests are invited, you will also be able to indicate if Guest's birthday is necessary for registration.) 
  • To make a reoccurring event, you will need to click the "Reoccurring" box and include an end date. 

  • You will see all the dates for your reoccurring events, listed. If there is a date in the series you don't need to schedule an event (for instance a school break week) you can simply un-check that date. 
    • You will need to click the "Create" button once you have filled in all the event details and confirmed the reoccurring dates. 

After clicking "Create" you will be brought to a new screen to select participants. You can either type a Member's name or click "View Roster" to see a list of Member groups to select. 

  • You can select any Member category types (such as Active Lifetime Members) to include in the event. (When you have New Members you will need to select New Members and Lifetime Members) 
  • Click "Done" once you have selected all Members for the event. 

  • You will see a pop-up to choose whether to notify Members for the event. 
    • Select "Yes" or "No" and the system will process your event and place it on the calendar.