When a Leader creates an event, they will assign that event to certain Members. 

  • Usually this is done in by groups (All Active Members, New Members, Committee etc.) 
  • Can also be done by individual Member. 

If you are added to the event, either individually or because you are a Member of a group added, that event will show up on your calendar with the appropriate event category label. (Chapter Meeting, Recruitment, Golden Event etc.)


All the events on the calendar below this Member is invited to and expected to attend. 

(If it is an event that requires attendance) 

When an event is created that you are not invited to/expected to attend, the event will show up in your calendar "grayed out" to indicate you don't have to attend but make you aware of the event. 

If there is an event that is showing up gray that you believe you should be attending, you should check with your Chapter Leadership to have them add you to the event.