Admin & Leadership have an added level in their "Collaborate" section, titled "Main" where you will have the ability to add folders and files that can be shared with other Members. 

To add a folder, you will click the empty folder with the "+" icon to create your new folder. Next you will name your folder and choose who to share the folder with. 

  • You can share folders by clicking the share icon in the upper right corner 
    • Alternately you can right click (control + click on Mac) on a folder to open a menu of options to share/rename etc.  

  • You can add files to a folder from your computer or from within MCR. 
  • To add files from your computer, double click the folder to open. 
  • Find the file on your computer and drag the file into your folder. 
    • A pop-up will appear to "accept" your file and your file will be added. 
  • To add files from within MCR simply drag the file to the folder you want to move the file to.