Admin/Finance Members can create new budgets as necessary for their chapter in the Finances section under Budgets. 

Please note: there is separate guidance for updating budgets at the end of the fiscal year

In the "Finances" section go to "Budgets" and you will see the list of all current budgets for your chapter.  

To add a budget, you click the "+" sign in the upper right hand corner. 

A new screen will open for you to name the budget, indicate the amount of money in the budget, and assign the budget to Members. 

To add Members to the budget you can type their name or click "view roster" to choose from the roster list and then click "done". 

The budget will update and be listed in your main "budgets" screen in the Finances section. 

To delete a budget, you will click the trash can icon to the right of the budget title. 

Deleting a budget erases the budget and all of the line items under that budget, and CANNOT be undone. 

After deleting the budget, you will notice that all of the total budget line items update to preclude the budget that was just deleted.