Any budgets that have been assigned to you are in the finances section.

  • You will see a snapshot of all the Budgets assigned to you on the main screen. 
  • The snapshot will give you a quick overview of where your budget stands with: 
    • Last update date
    • Current balance 
    • Starting balance 
    • Amount spent

Clicking on the title of the Budget in your Finances dashboard will bring you to a more detailed summary page. 

In the detailed Budget summary page you will be able to see: 

  1. The starting amount of your budget, and the remaining amount (or balance) of your budget. 
  2. Income (or Credits) will appear in green and will add to the total remaining amount. 
  3. Expenses (or Debits) will appear in red and will subtract from the total remaining amount. 
  4. Anyone else the budget has been assigned to. 
    1. President, Finance Leader, and Advisors can view and edit all budgets