Once you have created a question you will be able to view who has answered (or not answered) your question and what each Member responded. 

To manage questions navigate to "Manage Questions" in the Communicate section.


To view responses to your question, click on the chart icon on the question you would like to see answers for. 

You will be brought to a page that shows you who has answered (or not answered) your question as well as how they answered and a chart that depicts how Members have answered (which can be switched between a bar chart and a pie chart). 

You can export the answers to an excel chart by clicking the excel icon or to a pdf by clicking the pdf icon. 

To archive a question you can select the archive button in the "Manage Questions" home screen or within the detailed section of an individual question. 

When you click the archive icon you will get a pop up screen asking you to confirm archiving the question. 

Once you have archived a question, Members will no longer be able to answer the question unless you "unarchive" the question. 

To "unarchive" a question, select "See Archives" 

Navigate to the question you want to "unarchive" and then click the "unarchive" button next to the question. Your question will be restored to all previous Members who had access to the question.