Admin/E-Board Members can create simple poll style questions for Members to answer that will show up on selected Member's dashboards. 

  • To create a question navigate to Questions in the Communicate section. 
  • Select the "+" icon to create a new question. 

  • You will see a pop up screen where you will need to select Members to send the question 
  • You can type a Member's or Group name in the "to" box and select the name to include them in the message 
    • To view a roster of Members and Groups, click the "+" icon to be brought to a screen to select Members/Groups 

  • You will select which group(s) of Members to send your question to. 
  • Once you have selected all applicable Members, click "Done". 


  • To finish creating your question you will write your question, choose a due date, and select a question type: 
    • Single Select: Members will only be able to select one answer. 
    • Multi Select: Members will be able to select multiple options. 
    • Scale: Members will rank their answer on a scale of 1 to 5. (Ex. How likely are you going to purchase a Homecoming t-shirt?) 
    • Free Text: Members will respond by typing their own unique answer. 
  • When you are done click "Submit" to finalize your question.

Your question will now be available to be answered by all Members you selected on their dashboard and in the "Questions" section in the Communicate section.