Your MCR inbox can be found on the home screen of the mobile app and functions similarly to an email box.


Once inside the mail section, you will see your inbox with all the messages you have received. Unread messages will be outlined in green. Click on a message to read the mail 


  • To reply/forward to a message, hit "Actions" on the message and you will be given a pop up screen.
  • Select the appropriate action and your message will be opened in a new screen.  
  • You can add additional recipients and add your own message before sending.


  • You can use the + icons in your message to add individual Members. 
  • You can also simply begin typing their name and select their name. 
  • Toggle to group view to see a listing of available groups you can send messages to. 


To create a new message, click on the + icon in your mailbox to open a new message. 


You can add Members or groups by typing their name/group name in the recipient bar or using the + icon.