The Buzz functions as a group messaging feature within MCR, and can be found under the Communicate section. 

Click the "+" button in the upper right corner to create a new message.


Type a Member's name in the "To" field to add them to your Buzz group chat. 

You can also add a group of people: 

1.) By typing the name of the group in the "To" field (This will include all members in the group) 

2.) By clicking the "+" button in the "To" field and choosing an already established group. 

You can select individual members to add to The Buzz by checking the box next to their name, or you can mark "Select All" to add the entire group. 

Create a title for the topic, and write your message. You can add attachments with the attachments button if you have a picture or other item you want to include. 

All of the Buzz chats you are a part of will show up on your main Buzz page. 

You can tag someone in your messages by typing "@" followed by typing their name and select the name. 

You can also favorite a message by clicking the heart next to the message.