Creating new reports and reports that are available for E-Board and Admin only.

  • E-Board and Administrative Members have access to additional Report features that general Members cannot see. 
  • Reports are accessed under the Connect section, and those Members with E-Board and Admin designation will see three additional buttons on their menu (Emergency Contacts, Custom Reports, and Create New Report) 

"Emergency Contacts" lists the emergency contact information that a Member puts into their personal profile page. Note: It is important to have Members update this information at the beginning of each semester. 

  • Custom Reports gives E-Board and Admin Members the ability to create custom reports with information relevant to specific activities or Members. 
  • Custom Reports can be found in the left menu under Reports for all E-Board and Admin Members. (You will only see Custom Reports that you have created) 

  • To create a new report select the "Create New Report" option with the "+" sign next to it.
  • You must give your report a Title 
  • Columns 1 & 2 are required and will appear on each new report
    • Column 1 will show Member Name 
    • For Column 2 you will need to press the "+" next to Member Group to select which Members filter into your report (For example, you can run a report with New Members only or a specific year in school only etc.) 
    • You must click "Done" at the bottom of the box before moving on

  • The "Add Information" column will let you select which information you want pulled for the report. 
  • Each item you select will populate as it's own column. 
  • When you have finished selecting the information you want, click done at the bottom of the box. 

The information you selected will show up with column title headers. 

  • You can move the columns (aside from columns 1 & 2) in whichever order you choose by grabbing the colored bar and dragging it to your desired location. 
  • Once you have the columns in the order you desire, select "Create." 

After clicking "Create" your custom report will be populated. 

You can see all of the Custom Reports you have created in the Custom Reports menu from the left hand side. 

Note: Custom Reports are only visible to the person who created them. 

To export a report, go to the report you want to export and select the Excel icon to export as a spreadsheet (Excel). The Excel spreadsheet export is especially helpful for chapter leaders when they need to organize the data in the report. See video below for how to easily take the report information and create separate columns for first and last name to make sorting and alphabetizing easier.