How to find Members who are part of specific groups (committees, exec board etc.) & create groups on mobile app.

To access a list of groups, choose "Roster" from the list of available options in the hamburger menu in the upper left corner.

You will be brought to a screen with a list of Members. Toggle to the groups list to see a list of Groups. 

Select the pencil icon to go into editing mode and create or delete your own groups. 

To make your own individual group select the plus icon that appears after you select the pencil icon. 

You will be brought to a screen to name your group, add members, and choose how to classify the group. 

Click "create" button to save group. 

To delete a group you have created, go into editing mode by selecting the pencil icon. 

Any groups you have created will have a trash can next to them, 

to allow you to delete any groups you no longer need. 

Note: You will only be able to delete groups that you have created.