How to create individual lists of Members for committees, family groups etc. that allows Members to communicate with that group.

Groups is a convenient feature to allow members to communicate and connect with members in specific sub categories relevant to that member. 

There are four types of groups: 

  • Auto-Generated Groups uses Member status (Example: Lifetime Member) and automatically places Members into relevant lists. These lists can only be amended through a status change (New Member to Lifetime Member) on a Member's profile. 
  • Admin Group is where the group and its list of members is known to all MCR Members. (Example: 2012 Recruitment Committee)
  • Closed Groups are for situations where you want everyone who's in the group to be able to see/use the group. (Example: Intramural Kickball team) Only Members in the group will be able to see/use the group. 
  • Personal Groups are for your own use only. Nobody (not even admin users) apart from you will be able to see your Personal Groups or their member lists/count. When an email is sent it will hide the group name from the email and instead just show the list of individual users that was sent to/cc/Bcc. (Example: My Roommates) 

To see the Members in a group double click the group name, 

and you will be brought to the list of Members in that group. 

You can create two types of individual groups, closed groups and personal groups. 

  • You will be brought to a pop-up screen to name your group, add Members, and choose how to classify the group. 
  • Click "create" button to save group. 

Note: In the Communicate section you will be able to send messages, create questions, or post in The Buzz to any of your groups.