How to find Member information on the website with lists of all active Members, exec board, alumni etc.

Under Roster you will be brought to a screen with a roster of all current Members. 

At the top of the roster will be those Members with upcoming birthdays. 

Clicking on a Member's circle icon will bring you to a page with their personal information. 

To go back to the full roster, you can click on "Current Members" or the "Connect" globe icon. 

  • You will have a variety of rosters that are pre-filled, each of these rosters can be accessed by clicking their title under the "Roster" pull down arrow. 
  • You will be able to see which Members are part of the roster and click on their picture to be taken to their profile. 

Note: In the Communicate section you will be able to send messages, create questions, 

or post in The Buzz to an entire Roster.